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Latest Gen Z Fashion Trends

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An inevitable transition is here. Gen Z is setting the trends in 2022. Gen Zers are doing more than just setting the latest trends. They are committed to sustainability and longevity. From ripped jeans to unisex clothing items, they have been setting up all these fashion trends. Here are some of the fashion trends set up by Gen Z. 

Old School Trends from the 90s 

If you’ve looked through Instagram or TikTok you must already know that the 90s are back. There’s a lot to love from the 90s, from evergreen sitcoms (Friends, The Simpsons) to the music to the curtain haircuts. Gen Z is now embracing some of the most iconic fashions that were once mocked like scrunchies, mom jeans, chokers, and even biker shorts. Gen Z has been bringing all the 90s trends back including tye-dye, bucket hats, slip dresses, combat boots, tracksuits, and plaids. 

 Gender Fluidity

Gender Fluidity is the freedom of gender expression. Gen-Z has a more fluid approach to gender than the previous generations, as cultural norms shift and gender fluidity becomes a more recognized concept. According to a survey, Gen Z is the biggest consumer of gender fluid fashion with 58% of gen zers purchasing a fashion item out of their gender identity, followed by 40% of millennials, 22% of Gen Xs, and 11% of baby boomers. 


The pearl necklace has always been a timeless piece of jewelry. It induces polished and glammed-up looks. It evokes the images of Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly but the modern elucidation of pearls is not so prim and proper. From Harry Styles to Bella Hadid everyone seems to be carrying pearls these days. Gen Zers who have a knack for thrifting and upcycling have reclaimed the popular pearl necklace. Pearls have become an affordable and accessible accessory no longer reserved for royalty and special occasions. 

Y2K Fashion

If you aren’t already aware, the Y2K trends are back in style thanks to gen z. The jeans are low, purses are small, they have spiky hairstyles and they are into body glitter. We are talking about halter tops, baby tees, and claw clips. This trend has been popularised by Gen Z icons like Bella Hadid, gaining a lot of popularity. 

Sustainable Fashion

Generation Z, known as the “sustainable generation”, grows up with social media as part of their lives, and fortunately for them, they have the most powerful tool for influencing public opinion at their disposal. Young consumers are solemnly concerned about social and environmental causes. They back up their beliefs by their shopping habits, favoring brands that align with their values and avoiding those that don’t.

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