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10 ways to style a white t-shirt One thing that we all got in our wardrobe is a
basic white tee. All you got to do is be a little creative and you will look fab.
Be it a casual look or a bit glam we can do it all with a white tee. Today we
are going to talk about how we can style one white tee in 10 different ways.

Pair it with a Blue Jeans

This goes without saying but you can never go wrong with blue jeans and a
white tee. Pair it up with boots in winter or heels or ballets during summer.
Add any accessory of your choice and you are going to rock this look.

Pair it up with a skirt

A white tee can be blended with anything so you can throw it with any kind
of skirt, be it a long pleated one or a short skirt. You can put up a denim
jacket for a more professional look. Wear any heels and throw on some
statement jewellery and viola we are ready to go.

Wear it under a dress

Tired of wearing the same dress? Let’s wear it in a different way. Many of us
got a cute pretty dress which had a deep neckline or was just too revealing.
Let’s put a white tee beneath it and we are all set with a brand-new look. Put
on some white sneakers and stud earrings to get the perfect ‘day with your
girls’ look.

Add a Blazer

Until recently, blazers were considered only as formal outfits worn with
trousers or formal pants, but now they have been adapted as cool and casual
wear for a semi-formal event like an office brunch or any travel look. You
can achieve an effortless look by teaming up a blazer with a white tee and
jeans. You can also add boots and some statement jewellery for a complete

Add a leather jacket

A leather jacket is like a staple item in every women’s closet that never goes
out of style. Pair your white tee with a leather jacket and any jeans and you
are all set to go. Throw on your white sneakers and a handbag to make it
look more sophisticated. Go minimal with accessories; add a watch and
some sunglasses.

Double the Denims

Late for your flight? Now you don’t need to think a lot about your airport
look. Just double the denims. Put on a white tee with a denim jacket and
denim jeans. Throw on any sneakers and add some bracelet and sunglasses
and we are ready for our comfortable yet stylish travel look. You can also
add any belt for a better look.

Pair it with shorts

Got brunch on your mind or want to hit the beaches? Well now you don’t
have to worry about what to wear. You can style your white tee with denim
shorts and flats, adding some statement jewellery and a bag to get the nice
beachy kind of look. You can also pair it with striped shorts adding a sling
bag for a casual day look.

Add any culottes

A white tee with any culottes cannot go wrong. Just add any striped culottes
with a white tee and add a sling bag with some bracelet and glasses. You can
pair it with sneakers or heels as per the occasion. You can also add any
denim jacket with it.

Pair it with any denim

Now this is the most basic look we can achieve without any effort. Tug in
your white tee with a black jean, add on a sneaker and a watch and we are
done. This is the easiest look to go with for a regular office or college day.
You can also try tying a scarf on your neck to get an edgier look.

Pair it with a jumpsuit

This is the last look on our list today and personally I love this one. You can
put on your old jumpsuit with a white tee, wearing any flats or heels giving
it a new look. You can add a tote bag with some denim jacket and statement

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